• 25 Sep 2017

Of all the joys in my life, the one that touches me in the deepest part of my being is to be a witness to transformation in another person. When that light bulb moment happens and a switch is turned on, awakening the inner wisdom that says I AM a Radiant Being and I can be Happy and Whole—well, that’s pretty much my nirvana. I know, believe me I know, from my own life’s path that there is no easy way to attain a state of peace and harmony in one’s life. The road is long and filled with a lot more twists and turns, than you could ever have imagined. It is by understanding and accepting that you are perfectly created and designed to navigate the challenges you encounter, with both grit and grace, that can transform what looks like a lemon into delicious lemonade. The problem: You’ve been influenced by outside forces that tell you that you don’t have the stuff it takes. I’m here to tell you that you do!


I’ve been a Life Coach for almost 20 years, working with private clients, small groups, facilitating workshops, and leading women’s retreats. I find that there is a 3-part recipe that can’t be beat when it comes to personal transformation and growth: a consistent meditation practice, a profound desire to grow and evolve, and the guidance of a fellow traveler who is a little further down the road, providing loving support as you traverse the rough patches along the journey.

If you are interested in working with me on a private basis or you’d like to organize a small coaching group or workshop, I would love to hear from you. We would meet over the phone, so no matter where you live we can connect. If you’re ready to take some leaps, or even a few wobbly baby steps, toward a life that expresses who YOU truly are and what truly matters to you, I’d love to be there for your “light bulb” moments.

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