Bracelet in natural stones - OM pattern with 2 types of stones

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Designed with magnificent natural stones, this Bracelet OM pattern with 2 types of stones is not just a simple piece of jewelry. Made of high quality and natural stones, this bracelet provides multiple healing virtues, getting you back to your emotionally, spiritually and physically self. During your yoga practice, the stone bracelet will absorb and release energy, help you focus on what is essential and balance your daily life. It is the ideal accessory for yoga lovers in need of good vibration and looking for personal fulfillment. For sure, you will want to wear this mala bracelet every day, any time !

3 types of stones available: Green (Malachite), Black (Lava stone), Ocher

Diameter of stones: 8 mm

Length of strap: 19 cm (extendable)

What does the symbol "OM" mean?

Om (or "Aum") is the primordial vibration that is considered the most sacred sound of Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago the Vedic seers knew what modern science has discovered only recently: all that we see in the universe consists of vibrations of energy-even objects that appear solid. According to tradition, the ancient sages could hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in the universe, and they identified the sound Om as the most elementary of creation. In a quiet environment you can hear the vibration Om in the crash of ocean waves, in the silence of the forest, or in a gust of wind.

People have used the Om mantra since ancient times, singing the sound or repeating it silently during meditation to develop their awareness of the divine.

Although OM sound is considered a sacred syllable, in India, those with Hindu faith frequently use OM sound in everyday life, starting the day, during a trip or during an activity. The symbol is also present in all Hindu temples and in the sanctuaries.

In the Western world, repeating Om at the beginning and end of yoga classes is common, and more and more people are using this sound as a mantra for meditation and sacred ceremonies.